Outdoor Furniture Fabric Colors

Sunbrella Fabrics

All the beautiful colors under the sun are yours to choose from with Sunbrella fabrics. Select the pattern or hue that best suits your personality and your backyard space. Sunbrella fabrics are made of solution-dyed acrylic that’s durable and fade-resistant. Soft and comfortable, cushions made with Sunbrella fabric complete your backyard oasis.

Rain Fabrics

Sunbrella Rain Fabrics are only available for Classic Terrace and Mayhew Deep Seating cushions.

 Color: Brannon Redwood

Brannon Redwood

 Color: Canvas Granite

Canvas Granite

 Color: Canvas Heather Beige

Canvas Heather Beige

 Color: Canvas Navy

Canvas Navy

 Color: Cultivate Stone

Cultivate Stone

 Color: Gateway Mist

Gateway Mist

Fabric Group A

 Color: Berenson Tuxedo

Berenson Tuxedo

 Color: BG Tropical Stripe

BG Tropical Stripe

 Color: Brannon Redwood

Brannon Redwood

 Color: Canvas Air Blue

Canvas Air Blue

 Color: Canvas Aruba

Canvas Aruba

 Color: Canvas Black

Canvas Black

 Color: Canvas Capri

Canvas Capri

 Color: Canvas Ginkgo

Canvas Ginkgo

 Color: Canvas Granite

Canvas Granite

 Color:  Canvas Heather Beige

Canvas Heather Beige

 Color: Canvas Henna

Canvas Henna

 Color: Canvas Jockey Red

Canvas Jockey Red

 Color: Canvas Natural

Canvas Natural

 Color: Canvas Navy

Canvas Navy

 Color: Canvas Regatta

Canvas Regatta

 Color: Canvas True Blue

Canvas True Blue

 Color: Cast Citrus

Cast Citrus

 Color: Cast Coral

Cast Coral

 Color: Cast Horizon

Cast Horizon

 Color: Cast Lagoon

Cast Lagoon

 Color: Cast Sage

*NEW* Cast Sage

 Color: Cast Slate

Cast Slate

 Color: Comfort Clay

*NEW* Comfort Clay

 Color: Comfort Pebble

*NEW* Comfort Pebble

 Color: Cultivate Stone

Cultivate Stone

 Color: Dolce Oasis

Dolce Oasis

 Color: Dupione Celeste

Dupione Celeste

 Color: Dupione Crimson

Dupione Crimson

 Color: Dupione Deep Sea

Dupione Deep Sea

 Color: Echo Sangria

Echo Sangria

 Color: Expand Dove

Expand Dove

 Color: Foster Surfside

Foster Surfside

 Color: Gateway Mist

Gateway Mist

 Color: Milano Char

Milano Char

 Color: Moore Slate

*NEW* Moore Slate

 Color: Paradigm Stone

Paradigm Stone

 Color: Peyton Granite

Peyton Granite

 Color: Shore Regatta

Shore Regatta

 Color: Spectrum Denim

Spectrum Denim

 Color: Spectrum Coffee

Spectrum Coffee

 Color: Surround Dusk

*NEW* Surround Dusk

 Color: Surround Sunrise

*NEW* Surround Sunrise

 Color: Token Surfside

Token Surfside

 Color: Trusted Coast

Trusted Coast

Mayhew Sling Fabrics (Group A)

 Color: Augustine Alloy

Augustine Alloy

 Color: Augustine Ebony

Augustine Ebony

 Color: Augustine Oyster

Augustine Oyster

 Color: Augustine Pewter

Augustine Pewter

 Color: Elevation Stone

Elevation Stone

 Color: Logan Ocean

Logan Ocean

 Color: Sailing Salt

Sailing Salt

Fabric Group B

 Color: Bahasa Daybreak*

Bahasa Daybreak*

 Color: Bahasa Retro*

Bahasa Retro*

 Color: Bahia Brick

Bahia Brick

 Color: Bahia Mist

Bahia Mist

 Color: Bahia Saffron

Bahia Saffron

 Color: Blend Linen

Blend Linen

 Color: Blend Sand

Blend Sand

 Color: Calm Graphite

Calm Graphite

 Color: Calm Laurel

Calm Laurel

 Color: Create Haze

Create Haze

 Color: Depth Indigo

Depth Indigo

 Color: Iona Alabaster

Iona Alabaster

 Color: Iona Spa

Iona Spa

 Color: Ponder Spa

Ponder Spa

 Color: Surpass Daybreak

Surpass Daybreak

* Fabric not available for umbrellas and Bradford Pergola corner curtain panels.

Fabric Group C

 Color: Array Calypso

Array Calypso

 Color: Array Dawn

Array Dawn

 Color: Array Dune

Array Dune

 Color: Infused Gem

Infused Gem

 Color: Infused Twilight

Infused Twilight

 Color: Nurture Charcoal

Nurture Charcoal

 Color: Nuture Clay

Nuture Clay

 Color: Nurture Driftwood

Nurture Driftwood

 Color: Nuture Haze

Nuture Haze

 Color:Nature Laurel

Nature Laurel

 Color: Nuture Pebble

Nuture Pebble

 Color: Nuture Shale

Nuture Shale

 Color: Nuture White

Nuture White

 Color: Renew Earthen

Renew Earthen

 Color: Renew Mist

Renew Mist

 Color: Resonate Atlantis

Resonate Atlantis

 Color: Solana Seagull

Solana Seagull

Fabric Group D

 Color: Violetta Baltic

Violetta Baltic